Preparation courses for TOEFL ® iBT

(Kyiv, Lviv)
TOEFL is one of the most popular tests of English as a Foreign Language and not only in the North America, also all over the world


Preparation courses for exam IELTS ®

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If you plan to take the exam IELTS, our training courses for the IELTS test will help you achieve the planned success!


Preparation courses for the exam GMAT ®

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Kaplan guarantees successful results with the full passage GMAT course.


Preparation courses for the test GRE ®

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Are you planning on studying at postgraduate universities in the U.S., Canada, Australia or Europe?


Preparation courses for test SAT/ACT ®

(Kyiv, Lviv)
SAT Reasoning Test is a condition of admission to many universities in the U.S.. It can help determine the level of preparation of students for college.


SAT Reasoning Test is pre-requisite of admission to many universities in the U.S. It can help determine the level of preparation of students for college. It can help to determine the level of preparation for college. SAT results are an addition to the school certificate and are useful for employees’ selection committee.

Preparation for SAT

SAT preparation courses (Lviv–Кyiv)

Since the SAT test consists of 3 sections (Mathematics, text analysis and writing) , preparation for it requires similar attention to all three parts.

The course of preparation is built in the way for you to be able to pass all sections of the test during the training and learn the necessary strategies for solving the toughest problems.

In addition, you can improve your language skills and master the necessary features of the writing style and analysis that meet the requirements of the SAT commission.


SAT preparation course package


 SAT preparation course includes:

  • 1.5 hour classes;
  • authorized textbooks;
  • additional teachers consultation;
  • free trials;

            In addition, you will be able to have an access to the training materials of Kaplan methodic.


Teachers and students

Teachers are only native speakers, who are highly qualified and experienced. Their working experience with international students is part of your success on the test. 

Our studying groups consist of 4 - 8 students. In this case the teacher devotes enough attention to each of them and to meet the needs of all groups.






SAT Preparation Course
Деталі курсу:
Початок курсів у 2015 Кожні наступні два тижні
Вимоги до початкового рівеня на пробному тестуванні Higher Intermediate , TOEFL iBT 53
Кількість занять:
3х місячний курс 2 і 3 рази на тиждень почергово
Місячний інтенсивний курс щоденно з понеділка по п’ятницю
Фундаментальний курс програма розробляється викладачем особисто
Курс приватних занять програма розробляється викладачем особисто
Тривалість одного заняття 80 хвилин
Адреса (Київ): вул. Б.Хмельницького, 16-22, офіс 904
Адреса(Львів): вул. Водогінна, 2
Адреса(Тернопіль): вул. Максима Кривоноса 2
Телефон: +38 093-037-34-32
+38 093-743-39-74
+38 093-881-39-33
+38 063-392-95-21
+38 097-039-18-32
+38 099-207-27-31
+38 068-025-00-24
Опис курсу

SAT Preparation Course